The Cradock Four

Martyrs of The Struggle – Murdered by the Security Forces in 1985

Their noble ideals betrayed by the SACP and ANC government

The Cradock Four

feature length film

Dur: 92 min

© 2010 SA/France

A film by David Forbes

Winner: Best SA documentary at Durban International Film Festival 2010.

Nominated for Amnesty International (Durban) Human Rights Award 2010.

Nominated for WGSA Muse Award for Outstanding Writing for Documentary 2013

Nominated for a SAFTTA Award 2014 for Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary

Official Competition:

Luxor African Film Festival 2012,

Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2011,

Screened in:

Berlin, Moscow, London, Paris, Toronto, Cradock, Port Elizabeth, “The Bioscope” Johannesburg, Cape Town, Ditswanelo Film Festival 2011 (Gaberone), Windhoek, Encounters Documentary Film Festival (2010), TriContinental Film Festival (2010),

The Cradock Murders

Matthew Goniwe & the demise of Apartheid

TV version

Dur: 52 min

© 2010

SA/France Co-production

A film by David Forbes & Michel Noll

Sold to CFI, Euskall, TVC, RSI, VRT, Terra Terra, RFO, Top TV.


Liege Film Festival , Belgium, 2010

Africa on Screen Film Festival, Johannesburg 2010.

A still from the film recreation of the detention and interrogation of the Cradock Four.